• A fishing expedition in the deep waters off the Mediterranean Sea led «SHEREDZAD», one of the finest coral fishing Boats in the Mediterranean Sea, to the discovery of a wonderful natural treasure.

    The genuine and unique coral that was found is considered one of the most lustrous and precious in the world. The company Coralis is the owner of this gorgeous boat.

    Its brave crew has been proud to design, manufacture and offer a diverts range of the famous Mediterranean Coral for over 30 years.

    Today, Big Blue International Inc. is a USA family company founded within the partnership among Coralis SA, Alliances Royales Inc., and Gold House LLC., has been created to be the source and the provider of  the Mediterranean precious Coral in the US and Canadian Market.

Red coral gemstone

 Promise Ring



stone pendant



World of the one of this kind, Coral

The Source

Appraisals are not just about knowing the value of your jewelry, but understanding its history. Appraisals are available on lots or individual items.

Product Specifications

Work with our designers to bring your dreams to life. Our craftspeople will work with you to translate your idea into a keepsake that is designed to last.

Bringing forward a collection with an aesthetic appeal for a broad market while ensuring exceptional results is a challenge for any organization. SHEREDZAD provides a systematic approach to creating timeless designs that are consistently reproduced through the company’s in-house capabilities.

Over two decades of precision jewelry manufacturing under one roof…

This is only the beginning of what makes SHEREDZAD the right choice—the trusted choice—as a business partner. The world’s leading jewelry retailers have worked with SHEREDZAD for over two decades because they demand the exceptional results that only a global leader in jewelry manufacturing can provide.

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