The Source Of The Mediterranean Coral

Our story

Where the sea hides its beauty, its mysteries and treasures,  SheRedZad, the red mermaid of the Mediterranean Sea, presents you the precious Red Coral – Corallium Rubrum – from Latin name.

We have transformed our passion into a profession, which is a family business, evolving and constantly aware of the importance of respect of nature as well as the protection of the Red Coral. Our crew and boat comply with a Responsible Eco Fishing, and we always confirm our Label; Friends of the Sea.

Our diverse range of red coral meets the needs and requirements of the major players in the world of luxury and rarity: Artists, collectors, wholesalers, and retailers. We are just waiting for the right opportunity to do business with you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or information, and we will be happy to meet you by appointment within our store Gold house Scottsdale.

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Coral History :

Precious coral is among the oldest forms of gemstone, with some museum pieces dating back to 25,000 years ago. Coral jewelry has been found at prehistoric European burial sites and in ancient Egyptian pyramids, and it has always been a favorite with royalty. It was quite popular during the Victorian era, and it continues to be popular today.

Sell Your Jewelry

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Processed Coral






Work with our designers to bring your dreams to life. Our craftspeople will work with you to translate your idea into a keepsake that is designed to last.

Bringing forward a collection with an aesthetic appeal for a broad market while ensuring exceptional results is a challenge for any organization.  SheRedZad provides a systematic approach to creating timeless designs that are consistently reproduced through the company’s in-house capabilities.

CORALLIUM RUBRUM – Royal Rough Red Coral – Cabochons –

Beads – Unique BRANCHES –
Processed Coral ready to use by Jewellery  Artists – Wholesaler  Business Family Since 1997 Friend of the sea

This is only the beginning of what makes  SheRedZad the right choice—the trusted choice—as a business partner. The world’s leading jewelry retailers have worked with SheRedZad for over two decades because they demand the exceptional results that only a global leader in jewelry manufacturing can provide.